the foundation – part II

The second part of the foundation news is about the back of the bus and shows the amount of work, sweat, time and mainly wood which had been put into the project.
The last 1/3 of the bus behind the rear doors needed special attention. Not only because it is a very important part of the whole project, but it also houses the rear axle and the engine. From the start it was certain, this is going to be one of the most difficult places inside the bus. This part is very twisty because of the wheel arches and the engine room and there are also hatches which need to be accessible.
The new structure contains a new raised floor, steps, a new wall which will include games for the kids and new seats. The rear of the bus will have a lounge! It will be separated from the front by steps and the only way to get into the lounge is to climb into it.

Other things that have been done:  The heater is installed inside the middle box, some strengthenings had been added for more stability, the whole bus was vacuumed and cleaned a bit for the next part of the build.

Next week the new insulation will go in and a few panels as well. But first the electricians have to do their magic.

To be continued…

work in progress

…until the lights go out!