the finishing stretch

The project is quite close to being finished but that doesn’t mean there is not much left to do.
The team is moving fast towards the finish line. At this stage of construction many points on the „to do“ list are being tackled at the same time. Last week saw the completion of the speakers including a sound check, the rest of the electrics were installed, switches and plugs were fitted in and the floor was built and put into the bus.
The floor is made out of birch multiplex sheets but before it could be fitted some of the wall covers needed to go in first. These are also made out of birch multiplex and fixed with black screws for a contrast. The birch gives the bus a warm and bright interior which complements the colorful spaces. Some of the birch in the lounge at the back of the bus was covered with a light grey carpet.
Other things which are off the list – the team completed the memory game and built it into one of the walls, the heater unit and all its tunnels has been installed underneath the middle box, the counter battens for the ceiling has been finished, the insulation for the roof has been put in and other smaller bits and bobs were fitted or corrected.
Still to come – the light, the complete ceiling, the rest of the wall covers including a board and a world map, a heavy current plug…no rest for the team.

Thanks to Georg, Franz and Olaf for helping with the floor panels.

gallery – speakers

a short sound check

gallery – electrics

gallery – memory

gallery – carpets