have a seat


This week also saw a major component being done. All upholstery for the new seats and boxes was finished. Jan did a great job in making them and the rest of the team was on point fitting them into the bus. Now the interior is a little bit more colorful and cozy. Three different colors […]

Step By Step


This week saw some smaller works and adjustments but they were as important as the big parts. Before the first panels were cut and prepared for the upholstery in the next step, the insulation was fitted between and under the wooden beams of the new construction. A foil serving as a vapour barrier covers the […]

the foundation – part I


The last one and a half weeks were very busy and productive. The team managed to build everything that is going to be invisible in the end. The whole construction is now inside the bus which means this major step is done! It was a huge undertaking to build the structure. At first the 1,8 […]