play and learning bus

The Refugeecamp in Benrodestreet/ Duesseldorf was one of the first temporary camps in Duesseldorf. The camp has almost no common spaces even though there are 200 children and grown ups staying in minimal standard living spaces.
The PBSA has bought in November 2015 an 18 m long decommissioned public transport bus, which has been transformed to a play- and common space by a Master Studio/ Interior Architecture. The opening ceromony had been in April 2016.

A place has been created, in which children, toddlers, youngsters and grown ups can learn and play together.

There is a Playscape for children as well as 2 flexible spaces for school homework suspension, German or crafts classes. Also youngsters cam use the space later in the day for communication, training curses or cinema evenings.

Client //  City of Duesseldorf/ PBSA
Project Type //  play and learning space
Project Star //  2015
Year of Completion //  2016
Project Context // urban

realization// Werkstätten für Modellbau und Prototypen, PBSA

participating students // Ann-Denise Hinse, Anna Witte, Berit Wenthaus, Jenni Monakow, Johanna Böckmann, Katharina Witez, Kathrin Leonie, Larissa Becker, Lennart Efsing, Linda Iglesias, Lisa Kentner, Maria Urena, Martina Mateva, Reef Qbelat, Serpil Bahçeci, Vanessa Kiefer

textile design // Sharokina Golpashin

fotos // Jonas Schneider, Ruven Wiegert, Anita Widera // PBSA